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Quarantine woes

        Today’s post is going to cover is something I feel is relatable to most of us today: Exhaustion. During all this pandemic stuff I‘ve been feeling more exhausted then ever. It could be a mixture of being out of work for so long or just having nothing to do.         Thankfully, we have some solutions if y’all are feeling the same way.           1st and foremost: water!  Drink your water even when you don’t want to. Being fully hydrated is going to make you feel 10x better.         ...

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Cancel culture

         Imagine wanting to do something good with your life and having tweets resurface from your teenage years.          Cancel culture has turned toxic and has shown we expect perfection when we are far from it.  If you say the wrong thing years ago, your name, address, employer and everything in between are put on display, to the point that it turns into a mob of attack that deserves to be canceled all within itself.  Even worse, the argument/trap about apologizing when you get “exposed”. If you do something wrong and it comes out, what else are you supposed to...

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        Ace Lifestyle is proud to introduce our blog.  It will cover current events, life advice, fitness, fashion, and everything in between.  "Why?" you ask.  So many companies have their opinions on different topics.  However, these opinions are typically re-written multiple times before they're ever seen by the public eye and are filtered down to a more appeasing message.  We don't believe in that at Ace Lifestyle.  Our brand is all about living YOUR best life, and not centered around the perception of others.           This is not to say that there will be blatant posts just trying...

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