Quarantine woes

        Today’s post is going to cover is something I feel is relatable to most of us today: Exhaustion. During all this pandemic stuff I‘ve been feeling more exhausted then ever. It could be a mixture of being out of work for so long or just having nothing to do. 

       Thankfully, we have some solutions if y’all are feeling the same way. 

         1st and foremost: water!  Drink your water even when you don’t want to. Being fully hydrated is going to make you feel 10x better. 

          2nd thing is movement; you need to be moving.  We may not be able to go and enjoy the things we want to due to things still being closed down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk, run, or even a drive. Get yourself up and dressed & get some fresh air, get that blood pumping! It will make a hell of a difference.


         3rd thing, and this one is our favorite, don’t be lazy. Organize your life! You have all this time to really sit down and think to yourself what you want.  What are your goals your aspirations? What’s your plan for after the pandemic? What do you want to change for yourself? These are things that we all need to figure out and execute them! So get your asses in gear, stop being lazy, and be grateful you’re being given the opportunity to figure your shit out at your own pace!

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