Kanye; what is good?

   ‘Name one genius that ain’t crazy.’ — Kanye West; Feedback.


       So I’m sure most of America, if not the world, saw Kanye’s rally. At first I didn’t want to comment on it but I realized that Kanye is culture. The man helped GAP’s stock rise 42%(over $1 billion) by announcing a partnership. Not a thing has been released, but his name and brand alone attached added that much value

        But while we admire his collabs and collection, is this a pass for his behavior? This isn’t an attack on mental illness, this is a reflection on enabling habits for the public’s entertainment. This isn’t the first time he’s said something outrageous, and history has shown it won’t be the last.

         However, to make up history regarding Harriet Tubman, share intimate details as well as break down about your decision to have an abortion, tweet saying you wanted to divorce your wife for an alleged attempt at an affair, then share text messages with your mother in law if she wanted to talk or go to war, AFTER nicknaming her after a North Korean dictator(can’t lie, Kris Jong-Un made me laugh), meanwhile in an isolated bunker.

         As I write this, I have to ask, who’s checking on Kanye’s well being? I understand he’s a very large figure, but I can’t believe that he has nothing but ‘yes men’ allowing this behavior.  I’m guilty of it. I ask, ‘what/when’s his next release’, rather than asking the toll it’s taken and more importantly, how’s he doing? While I never asked him to take the roles he does, he doesn’t ask for manic episodes, and that includes when it’s at our consumer demand. We’re aware he’s unfit to be or even run for president, yet not a thing has stopped him from continuing on. We as a society have shut things down, yet we watch on as he creates bigger storms because...of shoes?

        All I’m saying is sometimes we have to remember that these celebrities are people too.  Sometimes they’re dumbasses, but more importantly, they’re just like us. Idolizing comes with a cost and we often overlook things we’d check immediately if it was someone close to us. Not everyone should, and honestly, CAN be on a pedestal, and we need to recognize before we ourselves become to blame for their downfall as well as their rise.

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