Do You!

You know who said ‘Money isn’t everything?’; someone broke.

     You know who also said ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?’ An ugly person

        Now before you get all in arms, this isn’t a shaming post. Quite the opposite, actually. This is a post of encouragement. Keep doing what you’re doing. People don’t see your vision and will try to downplay your success based on their failures and insecurities.

        Keep grinding. A step a day is better than no movement. A penny a day is better than nothing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Notice how there are those who see people who have worked hard for their wealth as evil? It’s to validate whatever excuse to stay in the situation they’re in.

        People trash IG models/influencers for monetizing their bodies and looks. Do you realize how many men/women sexualize you in their minds for free?  CEO’s and billionaires are considered elitists, because they maximized their market and area, and used their skill to create 7 figures and above.

        The point is, there’s no way to please everyone. Someone will always have something to say to downplay your accomplishments.  Other than looking outside for inspiration, you need to stay in your own lane and keep your blinders on. Your path is for YOU only and don’t let anyone else’s interpretation steer you away from that.

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