Cancel culture

         Imagine wanting to do something good with your life and having tweets resurface from your teenage years. 

        Cancel culture has turned toxic and has shown we expect perfection when we are far from it.  If you say the wrong thing years ago, your name, address, employer and everything in between are put on display, to the point that it turns into a mob of attack that deserves to be canceled all within itself.  Even worse, the argument/trap about apologizing when you get “exposed”. If you do something wrong and it comes out, what else are you supposed to do? Can we not grow and learn throughout our lives?  It’s almost impossible to please the masses. If you apologize, it’s ‘convenient’, if you don’t, you don’t care. The satisfying feeling has turned into seeing someone suffer than actually learn as the masses come out for blood. 

        People make mistakes, it’s human nature. We’ve said and done stupid shit in our head, amongst our friends, and have even said it on a platform.  Don’t get me wrong, some things DO need to be “canceled”.  However, we’ve become so cavalier with canceling everything under the sun, that we’ve watered it down and it’s become more trendy than productive. We need to recognize that people grow and change, and accountability and redemption is a hell of a lot better than shunning from society. Especially when our past isn’t as clean if someone were to examine it.

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